Have you ever heard of the flexible diet? Learn how to assemble yours!

Often, in an intense routine, it is difficult to adopt healthy practices. However, some methodologies promise to facilitate this situation – one of which is the flexible diet.

The idea is to focus on the macronutrients of each food and ensure a pleasant and healthy diet for your body. If you are looking for physical and mental well-being, but you also want to take pleasure in going out to dinner or having fun with friends, the flexible diet may be the solution.

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What is the flexible diet and how does it work?

The flexible diet is a way of not restricting the food eaten by the person and, even so, being able to achieve the goals outlined by the person, whether to lose weight or gain mass.

By counting the macronutrients of each food – carbohydrates, proteins and fats – it is possible to determine what can and cannot be eaten.

In other words, foods seen as “villains” for those looking to lose weight, for example, end up fitting into the diet.

Like any diet that has caloric restriction, the flexible diet also helps with weight loss. To do this, just ingest the macronutrients according to your goals.

What to take into account when making your own menu?

Do you want to know how to set up your menu within the flexible diet? To help you, we have separated some factors to consider. Check it out!

Define your goals

Before putting it into practice, you need to determine what your goal is: to lose weight or gain muscle mass. That is, define where you want to go.

Understand what macronutrients are

Macronutrients are fundamental to the diet and, therefore, it is important to understand what they are: carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

In other words, it is the nutrients that provide energy for our body and allow you to reach your goals, be it losing weight or gaining weight.

Respect the daily amount

Each person has their own amount of macronutrients to be consumed within the flexible diet – and it is essential that it be respected.

What is the importance of differentiating the flexible diet from “eating everything”?

The big goal is precisely to facilitate the adoption of a diet within your routine in search of a healthier life. However, this does not mean extrapolating.

Many people believe that this methodology allows you to eat a little of everything, but this is not how it works: you need to know how to balance your food.

The flexible diet seeks to make a rigid eating routine more pleasurable in search of better results. In other words, allow a dessert after lunch or a more “relaxed” dinner, for example.

Therefore, be very careful not to settle into the diet and end up exceeding the limits. Don’t turn freedom into mistakes that can hinder your goals.

As we have seen, the goal of a flexible diet is to facilitate the daily lives of those seeking a healthier routine. After all, with balance, it is possible to combine pleasure and quality of life.

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