What is the importance of sleep for a balanced and healthy life?

Following a balanced diet, exercising regularly and taking care of mental health is essential for a healthy life. Thinking about it, do you know the importance of sleep for well-being?

With the daily routine, sleep is often left out. There are so many chores that we do not even remember that sleeping well is essential for the organism.

If you wake up tired, it’s time to notice how your sleep is doing. Want to know how to do this? So, read on, because in this post, we tell you everything you need to know to sleep well. Check it out!

How important is sleep?

Sleep influences much more than we can imagine. It is during this period that the body regulates its functions, cells are repaired and the brain rests.

Sleeping poorly prevents the body from carrying out its activities correctly. For example, growth hormone is released while we sleep.

If the hours of sleep are insufficient, we do not have the adequate amount of this hormone that is so effective in gaining muscle mass.

Another good example is the immune system, which uses rest time to adjust the body’s defenses. So, if we don’t sleep well, soon immunity is compromised.

That’s why those who don’t sleep well get sick more easily. We can say that the various activities of our body are compromised with poor sleep quality.

We are not only talking about the physical, but the mental as well. Stress, bad mood and irritability are just some of the symptoms of those who do not have a good night’s rest.

For all these reasons, we can say that sleeping well is one of the habits that help to have a healthier life and greater well-being.

How to sleep well?

It is not enough to just close your eyes and wait for sleep to appear. Many people find it difficult to fall asleep and have an effective rest. Are you on this team?

The good news is that there are some tips for sleeping well. The best part is that they are fully accessible. Yes, you can put them into practice today. See:

  • always try to sleep and wake up at the same time. This helps to regulate your biological clock, making it easier to fall asleep;
  • create a warm and pleasant environment;
  • turn off the lights, including electronic devices, as sleep hormone is best released in the dark;
  • disconnect from your cell phone, as distractions make it difficult to fall asleep;
  • eat a light meal before going to sleep, as heavy digestion makes sleep disturbed;
  • read a book or put on some relaxing music while lying down.

How does sleep affect performance in physical activities?

Our body needs a good rest to fulfill its functions. Otherwise, even the income from physical activities decreases.

Therefore, there is little point in having a balanced diet and exercising daily, if you do not rest properly. It is a set of good habits that makes our lives healthier.

The importance of sleep is greater than most people think. Therefore, it is relevant to disseminate the idea that sleeping well is not a luxury, but a necessity of body and mind.

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