Why respect the rest time between workouts? Find out here!

All people who start weight training have some basic doubts about the rest time between workouts.

Since we always have the feeling that to get the best results, we need to dedicate ourselves as much as possible. However, when we talk about physiology and the functioning of our body, we soon see that training with a high frequency may not be the solution for your goals.

Especially for those looking for muscle hypertrophy – increased muscles – it is essential to have a good rest for recovery, since it is during this period that the muscles grow.

Below, we will talk about everything you need to know about this interval between your workouts and why you should respect this period to achieve your best gains in the gym.

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The reason and importance for the rest time between workouts

Rest training is nothing more than those days when you don’t work out or exercise the same muscles.

Normally, training is prescribed with the focus on one or more muscle groups per day, and this measure is precisely to avoid some problems.

A series can be divided into two distinct workouts: an A workout and a B workout. In workout A, we can train the following muscle groups: chest, deltoids (shoulders), triceps, quadriceps and calves. In B, the following muscles are stimulated: dorsal (back), trapezius, biceps, abdomen, hamstrings (hamstrings), glutes and calves.

This division exists so that the practitioner does not train the same muscle groups every day, avoiding what we know as overtraining or overtraining.

This allows the individual to progress in the gym, increasing the weight or the number of repetitions over the weeks. The result is an increase in muscle mass.

However, when we do not respect this time interval, we have some problems, and we will learn more about them below.

The problems that happen with lack of rest

It must be said that lack of rest means not giving enough time for recovery. And lack of recovery means that your muscle mass has failed to adapt for the next workout.

Your muscles were unable to repair all the damage caused during the previous training session, and by repeating the same muscle group, you worsen this condition. Your body starts to face some problems to be able to enter homeostasis (balance).

Therefore, whoever trains the same muscle with high frequency, volume and load, begins to feel a lack of strength, joint pain, general tiredness and localized fatigue.

Consequently, the training stops yielding and starts to become a real suffering. In many cases, the lack of motivation also appears during this phase.

The chance for injuries also increases exponentially. Tendonitis and even other more serious problems can appear with those who do not have adequate rest.

It should be noted that during intense physical exercise our physiology changes. Our hormonal condition goes through changes, as well as our nervous and muscular system.

A muscle group takes around 48 hours to be able to recover satisfactorily, and there may be differences according to the individual.

As a rule, this interval is maintained as a security measure, precisely to avoid the problems mentioned above.

Therefore, it is super important to choose a good gym with qualified professionals. They prescribe training properly and avoid health risks.

Here, at Nad’arte Academy, we have an excellent team of physical education professionals who are prepared to deal with your individuality and training.

The rest time between sets is always respected and we always think about your result as a priority. How about contacting us? Visit our gym and learn more!


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