Living in the present: start to appreciate your mental and physical health

When practicing some exercise, it is normal to have some goal behind it, right? Whether improving your running performance, whether to gain or lose weight. However, we must live in the present.

After all, the mistakes and decisions of the past cannot be changed and we cannot control everything that will happen in the future. Thinking about now is therefore a fundamental practice for your body.

By putting some practices into action, you can better enjoy your life and focus on what you can do at the moment, ensuring mental and physical health.

How about, then, go a little deeper on this subject and start enjoying and living the present? Continue reading this article to understand the importance of this behavior!

What is the importance of living in the present?

Within our society, things change faster and faster and information is transmitted quickly. The downside is not being able to enjoy the present.

After all, you are on your smartphone mulling over something that has already happened and cannot be redone or just waiting for an event that is not yet close to happening.

Thus, we end up not living in the present and never enjoying certain moments and pleasures in exchange for a past that cannot be changed or a future that we are not in control of.

What are the best tips for enjoying life in the present?

But, in practice, what can you do to enjoy life in the present and optimize your activities, creating a healthier routine for your mind and body? Check out our tips!

Start meditating

Meditation is an essential practice when it comes to living in the present. After all, it is a time to rest and empty your mind, feeling free to enjoy the now.

Train your mind

Yes, it is natural to be analyzing past issues and making projections for the future, however, it is possible to train your mind to avoid certain thoughts and focus on the present.

Enjoy every moment

As difficult as it may be, try to make the most of every moment you are living. Are you meeting with friends? Talk to them. Are you exercising? Focus on physical activity.

What is the impact of this methodology on the universe of exercises?

When we take this mentality of living in the present to the universe of physical activities, it is essential to adopt this concept in your daily life, enjoying every moment of exercise.

Even if you have short, medium and long term goals when enrolling in a gym, it is important to understand that every moment there is what will define your future.

Living in the present is, therefore, a practice that will be good for your body in countless ways, ensuring a healthy mind and physical health in order to continue reaching your goals.

By adopting some simple practices in your daily life, you can change your behavior and start to value the present more and more, taking advantage of every moment of your routine.

As much as it is fundamental to live in the present, it is also important to create some goals to be overcome, right? Then check out 5 goal ideas to inspire you in 2020!


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