Know the hormones of happiness and how to activate them

The hormones of happiness are largely responsible for our sense of pleasure and well-being.

Most good feelings are related to them and, certainly, they are of enormous importance for your quality of life and even for your health, whether physical or emotional.

In all, we have four major hormones that are responsible for “good times”. They are: dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin and endorphin.

The “fantastic quartet”, or happiness, can be released with some good daily actions and is made up of great companions for those who wish to be happier and have iron health.

Below, we’ll talk more about each of these hormones and how you can activate them for a better life.

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Knowing the hormones of happiness

Above, you saw a brief introduction to what are the hormones of happiness. Now, the time has come to know how each of them acts in your life.


To start, we’ll talk about dopamine . Dopamine is of great importance to your well-being and is closely related to the feeling of pleasure.

Another interesting aspect of dopamine is that it is essential in our body’s motivational processes.

In parts, it helps you get up off the couch to get what you need.


oxytocin is related to trust and the creation of social bonds between people. That is, when we are among friends or, even, in a relationship, it tends to be produced and secreted in greater quantity in our organism.


Talking about serotonin, we can say that this is the substance that most acts in the sensation of pleasure and well-being. Its absence can cause depression and mood problems.

Therefore, it is only fair to say that serotonin is of profound importance for your mental health.


Finally, we have endorphin , which is nothing more than a natural painkiller that our own body produces to ease everyday pain and stress.

Activating each of these substances

At first, there is no magic formula to be able to activate the hormones of happiness. A healthy lifestyle based on good choices is capable of doing this on its own.

Physical activities, for example, represent one of the best ways to achieve the activation of all these substances at once – as long as you practice group exercises.

After all, oxytocin is only released when we socialize and, therefore, being with other people is essential to achieve all the benefits.

Just to give an example, a functional training class or running is able to generate a great feeling of pleasure, relaxation, satisfaction and even joy.

However, you do not need to participate in these activities in order to improve your quality of life: the ideal is to choose that sport / exercise that best matches your personality.

Also don’t forget that food plays a big role in activating these hormones: a balanced diet rich in nutritious and natural foods is the ideal choice.

Finally, don’t forget to smile, be grateful and enjoy every moment of life. These small attitudes are also ways to activate all the substances mentioned.

With all this information, we are sure that your quality of life will increase substantially. After all, now, you know what to call the “fantastic quartet” of well-being.

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